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Random crap in my gallery. Here you'll find all my writing, crap doodles, coloured lineart that I don't own [but ask permission to colour in before I do so!] and photography. Enjoy!

Random Favourites


I vanish for a week and come back to this?!
Shot! Mix! Crush! Na uh, Prime, Megatron...
Shot! Mix! Crush! Na uh, Prime, Megatron...
Shot! Mix! Crush! Na uh, Prime, Megatron...

They had it coming, they had it coming
They only had themselves to blame!
If you had been there, if you had seen us!
We obviously would've done the same!

Shot! Mix! Crush! Na uh, Prime, Megatron!

Barricade: Y'know how some mechs have these annoying jobs
that rile you up? Like Hound!
Hound liked to create holos, like of mechs being shot!

So I'm on the field one day
And I'm really angry
and looking for a mech to smash up.
And theres Hound
Behind the front line, using his illusions to confuse
illusions of his team mates being shot!
So, I made my way over and said
"Use your holograms one more time..." and he did...

So I balled up my armoured fist
And I smashed two warning hits, into his helm!

He had it comin'! He had it comin'!
He only had himself to blame!
If you had been there, if you had seen it!
I betcha you would'a done the same!

Knockout: I met Ratchet back on Cybertron many vorns ago
He told me he was a neutral, so we got chatting right away.
Then, we started working together.

He'd vanish from the lab, return later and we'd have a cube.
Then I found out. Neutral he told me.
Neutral my aft!
Not only was he an Autobot, no, he's friends with Prime
One of his "good friends", you know.

So one day, when he returned from a 'supply run'
I gave him his cube, as usual.
You know, some mechs just can't hold their tox-en.

He had it coming, he had it coming
He went and joined Optimus Prime!
He could've used it, but he abused it!
It was so funny at the time!

Skywarp: So, I'm standing in the rec room
Drinking down a cube and relaxing
Minding my own business.
In storms Thundercracker in a mad rage.
"You've been messing with the insecticons!"

He says.
He was steaming and kept yelling
"You've been messing with the insecticons!"
Then he fell under my foot.
He fell under my foot ten times...

If you had been there, if you had seen him
I betcha you woulda done the same!

Sunstreaker: So me and Sides were doing this prank on Prowl, right? He was totally unaware of it all and it was going to be great. But then just after he went into his office, there was this loud bang, followed by a crash, then Prowl fell to the ground, offline and bleeding. Of course Sides ran off to get Prime whilst I called a medic, turns out Prowl was fighting to stay alive after a trap had sprung which was intended to kill him and because I was there...

Knockout: So really, did you do it?

Sunstreaker: Na uh! I'm not a traitor!

Soundwave: My cassettes and I have this little act
And our leader, Megatron, gives us our commands...
With our diversity and tricks
We could do whatever he needed us to...

Eject: Ravage, Rumble, Frenzy, Ratbat, Buzzsaw, Lazerbeak
Attack, destroy, infiltrate, reconnaissance whatever was needed...
Then, in this one clashing battle
We were down two seekers and a ground unit...

Lots of us, battling, fighting the Autobots when Megatron disappeared
So I went to go and find him.

I see him, past some debris
And there was Optimus Prime
Initiating battle sequence 2, attack and destroy!

Well, I moved so quickly in my rage I ended up offlining.
I don't know where the others went, it wasn't until later
When they were dragging my cassettes away
That I even knew I'd been captured.

He had it coming, he had it coming
He had it coming all along
I didn't kill him, but if I'd killed him
I'd tell you that he was in the wrong!

They had it coming, they had it coming
They had it coming all along
Yeah sure we done it, but if we did it
We know that we weren't in the wrong!

I admired Megatron more than I can say, he was a real leader, strong, motivating.
But he was always trying to put me down.
Every battle we lost I got the blame for
Yet never Thrust, Hook, Blitzwing, Soundwave...

I guess you could say I'm in here because of our differences.
I saw myself as a leader... and he saw me behind bars!

The fragging scum, scum, scum, scum, scum!
The fragging scum, scum, scum, scum, scum!

They had it coming! They had it coming!
They had it coming all along
Yeah sure we done, but if we did it
We know that we weren't in the wrong!

They had it coming, they had it coming
They only had themselves to blame!
If you had been there, if you had seen us!
We obviously would've done the same!
Decepticon Block Tango
My little project of the night, rewriting the lyrics to Cell Block Tango to fit some Decepticons XD It starts off quite shit because I wasn't sure how much to change, but I think I got into the swing of things. It's too late at night / early in the morning to do anymore now and I know I won't pick it up again, so here it is X3

Just in case people don't know what it is referencing, it's Cell Block Tango from the musical Chicago.…;

Transformers are copyright to Hasbro. Also thanks Sunny for being my innocent foreign XD
“Ok Firestorm take it slow”


Prowl turned and walked a few steps away from the shaky mechling, turning back and slowly kneeling down with his arms out. Firestorm squeaked, still gripping onto the bottom of the berth as he looked at the distance between them, rotors trembling as he looked up at the SIC then back to his open servos.

“It’s alright, I’m right here.”

“B-but yew so far away pwotector I-I…”

“I’m not too far away, see?”

The little red mech squeaked again when the Datsun leant forward a little, servo stroking his helm before he pulled it back again and smiled softly. Nodding a little, Firestorm took a small intake out before he shifted his shaky legs, slowly taking a step. As he progressed, he let go of the berth and concentrated on the black and white mech in front of him, Prowls smile widening as he watched the child unsteadily walk on his own towards him.

“That’s it, you’re doing really well”

The red mech smiled and got a little braver, walking a bit faster and trying to take bigger steps. He squeaked and stopped for a moment, nearly falling over but managing to balance himself, rotors turning on his back a little as he crossed the final part and cuddled into Prowls chestplate. The child giggled when he picked him up, the SIC chuckling and nuzzling the kid a little.

“See? I told you, we just need to make sure your centre of balance is correct that’s all”

“Ya! A-an den I walk proper!”

“Hey Prowler!”

Prowl looked up, smile fading a little as Jazz gave him a wave and walked over, the spring returned to his step as he sat on the berth Firestorm was previously standing by. The red mechling chirped and waved as the Datsun stood up straight, holding the child in one hand whilst his doorwings flicked and adjusted.

“Please refrain from calling me that Jazz”

“So what tha kids allowed to give ya a nickname but I can’t? Aren’t you supposed to be on duty now anyway?”

The black and white mech froze for a moment, checking his schedule and blinking a few times. He was due to be on shift in a few minutes and he’d completely forgotten! Handing the sparkling to his saboteur partner, Prowl straightened himself up, keeping his composure and calmness in hopes that the Porsche wouldn’t notice.

“Yes… I was waiting for you to arrive so that I could depart”

“You forgot didn’t ya! Wow I never thought I’d see the day where you forget to be on shift!”

“I’ll be back later to assist with Firestorms recovery more”

“Bye Bye Pwotector!”

Prowl smiled softly and waved at the child before taking his leave, keeping a decent pace in front of the others before swiftly picking it up when he was out of sight. Jazz laughed and tickled the red bundle of wires that he’d been handed, smile widening at the healthy giggles he got in return.

“So whatcha been doing with Prowler?”

“He been helping me with cen… centre of… o-of bal-en-ce?”

“Centre of balance huh, sounds boring. We should have some fun!”


Jazz chuckled as he jumped off the berth with the child safe in his arms, turning towards the door. He froze in mid step as he made optic contact with the white medic, the demon doctor that they knew as ‘The Hatchet’ crossing his arms, obviously unimpressed as he looked at the saboteur.

“He’s not to leave the medbay yet Jazz”

“Awwah c’mon Ratch he’s been cooped up in here for a couple of weeks now!”

“Until I have cleared him he is not to leave!”

“Well hurry up and clear him then! He’s gonna go stir crazy!”

Firestorm squeaked and shrank in the black and white mechs arms, his warm frame trembling as the two argued. He shut his optics, covering his audios as he tried to block it out, the two continuing to exchange banter as he squirmed, before he squeaked loudly and looked up at the two, optics glazed over as he shook.

“S-stop it! Yew two no argue now pease!”

The two hushed immediately, Jazz cuddling the sparkling gently to his chestplate as he sniffed quietly. Ratchets expression softened too, the elder medic walking over to make sure the child was ok, servo gently rubbing his rotors, Jazz gaining a nuzzle from the child from the medics actions.

“We’re sorry Stormer, we didn’t mean ta upset ya”

“Yeah… come on lets get you checked over after your activities with Prowl”

Firestorm sniffed and nodded, being exchanged into Ratchets arms and being carried back to the berth from before. Jazz followed, sitting on the berth also to offer the child support, Firestorm shifting and looking up at the medic as he placed him down.

“Ok can you lift your right leg up for me?”

“Tay… e-erm…”

Firestorm looked at his feet, squeaking as he tried to figure out which one was right. He shrank a little, squeaking again as he looked up at Jazz for help, the mech smiling as he lifted his servos.

“Try this Stormer. Hold your servos out like this”

Jazz held up his hands horizontally in front of him, watching the child do the same. He then moved his thumb so that it was vertical, making a forward and backwards L with his servos. Firestorm did the same and blinked, tilting his helm a little.

“Do you see the L? The foot on the same side as the L is your left. L for left! So, the other one is your right!”

Firestorm chirped as he looked, lowering his other hand as he looked at the L he’d made. He nodded eagerly, lifting his right foot to Ratchet and smiling as he gave him a little thank you.

“Fankew music man! Now I never forgets!”

Jazz chuckled and ruffled his helm a little, being gentle to make sure he didn’t hurt him. After all, the child was still healing and he was still a sparkling which meant he was naturally fragile anyway. The saboteur watched as Ratchet recited the same rubbish that he did every day to the kid, Firestorm however listened intently as always and nodded, smiling politely at the tests that they’d be doing.

Ratchet placed his palm at the end of Firestorms foot, the red mechling pushing against it like he’d done with this test before, Ratchet applying a little bit of pressure as he did so to test the strength of the resistance. He smiled, nodding as they done the same with the other foot. Firestorm squeaked when he shifted backwards on the berth a little, giggling as the medic apologised and he shuffled back forward again.

“Alright, they’re looking good. Have you done any lifting tests today?”

“No we just do walks a-an den Pwotector had to run off when he see he late for shift”

“Alright, First Aid will have to do that when he comes in then”

“Gentle spark come back today?”

Firestorm perked and chirped, rotors spinning a little when Ratchet smiled and nodded. He looked up at Jazz, then back at Ratchet, before giggling to himself and nuzzling into his arms in order to try and hide his badly concealed excitement. Ratchet chuckled and stood up straight from his kneeling position, stretching a little and unspacing a datapad to record the results of the tests down.

“Jazz he’s not to leave the medbay. Besides you have duty in an hour”

“I know Ratch and I’m ready for it! Just thought I’d spend some time with Stormer before I went”

Jazz scooped the laughing sparkling up and gently tickled his chestplate, the action hitting sensors and making the child squirm and squeal a little, laughing as he batted at the saboteurs hand. The elder medic used this as a way to take his leave, Firestorm noticing and using Jazz’s hand to look over his shoulder.

“Fankew Fixup!”

Ratchet laughed to himself, waving a hand as he vanished into his office he had a lot of preparations to do before First Aid was back on shift.
Sparkling Days Part 14
So it's been a while.

I kinda got to the point where I didn't want to update this fic because I couldn't think of anything interesting to happen ^^; But I was contacted by someone on Fanfiction about it so I thought I'd make this one short so I could continue on later.

Transformers are copyright to Hasbro.


Commander 5AM
United Kingdom
Freelancer Commander

Extra information -
> Created by the Decepticons to infiltrate the Autobot HQ and gather information, but escaped before programming over her free will was complete.
> Normally goes by the name of Sam, a shorter version of Commander 5AM.
> Is a Raichu in her spare time.
> Can listen to a 4 hour mix of Nyan cat for 8 hours

Current Residence: Warzone Mangold, Warzone Latitude became to expensive and Warzone Aileen fell apart, pretty much literally.
Favourite photographer[s]: Richard Billingham, Robert Capa and Andreas Schmidt
Currently Playing: Minecraft and Pokemon, tried WoW but the constant monthly subscriptions pissed me off and the repeat quests bored me.
MP3 player of choice: One that works
Personal Quote: Photography is like baking a cake. Even if you do everything exactly the same way, it will always come out differently.
There are a few reasons really.

> I've been down quite a bit lately. One reason being someone I used to love watching on here has closed her account, another being because I have abandonment issues and I'm being abandoned on games and websites (and reality in one case), which my mind takes as a friend saying that they can't stand me so much that they won't even go on the stuff I go on anymore.

> I'm a full time carer, that takes up more time than it should. If I'm physically doing something, I'm sitting there being moral support.

> Being held in limbo STILL on if I have aspergers, am chronically depressed or if I am just fucking mentally unstable and need to be locked up. I'm telling you, if I didn't have so much control and if I wasn't so fucking lazy I would've mass killed by now or killed myself. I got a letter the other day saying "We've just received your results and want to bring you in for an appointment. Expect to hear from us within 4 to 6 months". I did that fucking test last November. So I'm STILL waiting to find out if there is something wrong with me or if I am just crazy and will later evolve to kill masses of people. At least I'll have the mental reasoning to leave a note with myself to say why I fucking slaughtered as many humans as I could, unlike people who kill then kill themselves, leaving everyone wondering why they did "Such a horrible deed". Maybe they're the fucking sane ones and can see how much shit needs to be purged from this pathetic planet!

> Due to feeling like I'm being abandoned by everyone, my creativity has suffered. Not that anyone cares anyway seeing as the only person that actually shows any sort of activity on my DA is my significant other.

There are other reasons but I can't be asked to go into it. I haven't completely stopped writing though, I've been doing it periodically on a google drive where only the people who give a shit can see it. No point in uploading it here because it's kinda negative. And I do still take photos, but they're not good enough quality to upload here.

So yeah, my reasons. 
  • Mood: Miserable

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