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Random crap in my gallery. Here you'll find all my writing, crap doodles, coloured lineart that I don't own [but ask permission to colour in before I do so!] and photography. Enjoy!

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> Created by the Decepticons to infiltrate the Autobot HQ and gather information, but escaped before programming over her free will was complete.
> Normally goes by the name of Sam, a shorter version of Commander 5AM.
> Is a Raichu in her spare time.
> Can listen to a 4 hour mix of Nyan cat for 8 hours

Current Residence: Warzone Mangold, Warzone Latitude became to expensive and Warzone Aileen fell apart, pretty much literally.
Favourite photographer[s]: Richard Billingham, Robert Capa and Andreas Schmidt
Currently Playing: Minecraft and Pokemon, tried WoW but the constant monthly subscriptions pissed me off and the repeat quests bored me.
MP3 player of choice: One that works
Personal Quote: Photography is like baking a cake. Even if you do everything exactly the same way, it will always come out differently.
Don't worry! This isn't another one of my mental breakdown entries! I was just referring to the amount of knives I bought for Ninja Brian and how hard it was to keep them in my pockets XD

But anyway, I am back from Minamicon! It was fun as fuck like always, had lots of fun times, people loved our Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian outfits X) Which was good. And Alphys went down too! And two more of my friends got engaged! And everyone loved little Mettaton! And I got shipped with Undyne!

Minamicon is seriously the best con I've ever been to, though saying that I haven't been to many. Shits expensive yo.

But you always feel so welcome there! Everyone knows your name, even if you don't talk to them they still say hi when you go past, they compliment and offer constructive feedback instead of being a dick about your cosplays, everyone feels like they belong there! There are so many different people from different walks of life and because the con isn't enormous like Expo you can actively meet them and talk to them and learn things! AND DID I MENTION I HAVE FRIENDS THERE? YES! REAL LIFE FRIENDS!

Anyway, to sum up my days quite quickly, on the Friday I did Ninja Brian and stabbed a lot of people, on Saturday I did Alphys and nerded out about how anime was real and got all flustered when people complimented Mettaton and on Sunday I did Alphys again except this time I had my sexy fish counterpart, of whom I got shipped with XD

Overall though, Minamicon is just a generally wonderful experience. If you've ever considered going to a small convention where you live, do it. The smaller ones are just so much nicer because you have more of a chance to meet people and make friends, get into panels and generally just do more.

When I am at the London MCM Expo I just feel like a number, there is no social interaction and you don't feel like you are welcome there. You are just a face in the thousands upon thousands of other sweaty people, hounding around a room large enough to store a small plane in buying merch you don't really need but you buy anyway because it means you don't have to trek up London to get it or spend tons online getting it imported. I've tried attending fan meetups and doing "The social" there, but there are so many people the odds of you meeting that person again are basically slim to none, plus the meetups are great for photo ops with lots of fans but you can't do much else, there are simply too many people. Plus don't get me started on the backstabbing and the snide comments people make about those of us who aren't sticks with tits and the drama that goes on over the Facebook pages. Geez.

I go to Expo simply to buy merch. I go in, get what I want and go home, it isn't worth the stress sticking about for any longer than that. I used to enjoy expo and go every day for the weekend, but it's just too big now, I can't have fun because I need to sit down quite a bit, which you can't do because there are too many people, plus I can't meet my friends because I can never fragging find them.

Anyway, rant on that over. I might post some pictures from Minami up depending on if I get a moment to make a few small edits. Nothing big, just little dots here and there like light editing and maybe giving my Sans friend a blue eye since she cannot wear contacts X)

TL;DR - First off, you lazy scrub. Secondly, I stabbed people, got shipped with a sexy fish and made a little robots dream come true.

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doomiscool Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
SAAAAMMMMM!!!! Thanks for the llama that reminded me I hadn't spoken to you yet :D Can't wait to get to see you soon! So close now! :chairdance: 

Sadly, no cosplays for me and my sis this year, but heh, still very much fun to be had!
Commander5AM Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2016
Heh, it's ok XD Also yus you've been very quiet on the homefront! Granted so have I but I've been doing a lot of cosplay stuff and generally trying to tidy up my room because girlfriend coming over in May >->

Awwah, thats ok it'll be one of the first times I see you out of costume first XD I have two new ones and I'm also bringing back the bun for a photoshoot, not 100% looking forward to that because of how long it takes me to get the makeup off but ah, the things we do for cosplay! I got Ninja Brian for the kimono group and Alphys from Undertale, I just finished making my second Mettaton thing for that one XD

YEAH NOT LONG NOW OMG I'M NOT DONE I'M GONNA CRY. We should actually try and do some sort of meetup this time instead of just randomly bumping into one another XD Also don't forget new ep of Transformers RID today!
doomiscool Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
This year, we are in London for a couple days prior, so we'll probably be down in Southampton fairly early afternoon on the Friday, then leaving on the Monday as usual, so we'll defo have our usual sunday night haha. :giggle: I'm planning on doing the iron artist again, and I know you do that too, so haha, we'll do that :D

I knew there was going to be some Undertale cosplays! That was one of the things on my list of things I bet we were gonna see Sans Icon 

Hummmm...I was waiting for the schedule (which will probs be out next week sometime) so I know what we'll wanna do, but we can always go for lunch/dinner/whatever at some point, and hopefully attend panels together haha ;)
Commander5AM Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2016
I head down on the Thursday and head home on the Monday X) So I'll be about! Just poke me or something X) And I'm sure I will be at the iron artist again, can't draw for shit but I go with my friend anyway!

Yeah there will be Undertalers XD I know I'm doing Alphys, my friend is doing Sans, there has been another Sans confirmed, a Toriel and I think an Undyne? Not sure who else X) So you can cross that one off your Minamicon Bingo sheet! I'm gonna be freezing since most of my Alphys cosplay is basically PJs XD

The schedule normally comes out a few days before, let alone a week XD Normally when I'm at the point where I no longer have access to the internet so I can't plan my stuff until Friday! Food time sounds good though X) I'm always down for food!
doomiscool Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
Happy New Year Sam :D Hope you had a lovely holiday season :iconknockoutlaplz:
Commander5AM Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2016
Hewwo, bit late but Happy New Year XD It was also, spent most of it travelling (travelled to my sisters the day before Christmas Eve, travelled home Christmas Day and have spent every day since travelling back and forth from a lady I'm catsittings house) so meh, but at least I've also had a bit of time to myself too. How was yours?
doomiscool Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
No problem :) Mine was fine. Christmas was fun, though, a little less eventful than some times, with quite a few less presents :P Doesn't bother me as I prefer not being given crap I won't use/don't want.

For New Years, I had some of my favourite sake with my sister and was actually okay enough to watch the fireworks on tv with the others this year (first time in 2 years! I've been having to cover my head with a pillow when I wasn't stable enough). Gonna go back to trying to lose weight this coming week haha. Need to control my diet and exercise or boom, still a size 16, but a bit on the flabby side. :L
Commander5AM Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2016
Oh I know that feel, I got a hot water bottle for Christmas this year. I will never use it, I don't use hot water bottles I have my chestnut kitten if I ever need something warmed up (she's a thermal teddy thing that you can microwave for a little bit, has warming bead things in). I know I shouldn't be unappreciative and shit but I'm never going to use it and I'll feel bad if I get rid of it, so now I'm stuck with it sitting around doing nothing. I prefer to get amazon vouchers >->

I watched the fireworks on my computer, I always do XD Too many people there to feel like I want to actually be there, I'd rather be in the warm. Hugged Ping for a lot of it (my family don't really do New Years, mum goes to bed at 9pm and my brother goes out) and just chilled with my last J2O. I'd like to diet, but I'm at the point where I've got so much wrong with me I don't know where to start.
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Kittylover9399 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015
Happy birthday C:
Commander5AM Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2015
Thanks X)
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