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Diablos - Mothers Day
"Jus get some rest Dode, is alrite she'll understand. Cha health comes first"
"A-alrite... m sorry Blos"
"Dun apologise bruv. Now Steph will be down in a lil while, she as a key so dun worry if ya 'ear da door ok?"
"Are ya gun be long?"
"I'll be as quick as I can be, an I'll get some food n shit on da way home. Jus sleep"
"Kay... g'nite Blos"
"Nite Dode, love ya"
As his brothers sickly blue eyes slowly closed, Diablos gently tucked him in, resting a hand on his forehead to check he wasn't too hot before standing and quietly heading out, walking along the heavily padded floor that suppressed most of the noise made by his steps and closing the door.
Once outside of the bedroom he sighed quietly, grabbing his hoody and shoes as he headed down the short hallway to their main living space, plonking down on the sofa and pulling his tattered black trainers on, sapphire eyes glancing over at a tailored suit sitting on a hook on the wall, eyes focusing on the gold chained necklace with a sharpl
:iconcommander5am:Commander5AM 1 2
Christmas 2016 - The reunion
Flash looked around the grand hall, head darting around as he inspected everything one last time. The scent of food filled the air, the chefs hard at work in the kitchens preparing the banquet that Vladimirs guests would be eating as he hosted the Christmas feast. He’d spent a month preparing and setting everything up to be perfect, others had helped with minor tasks but he’d wanted to do it all himself, to prove he could be depended on and that he could handle such a task. This year was particularly special as Lewis was having this Christmas off, the wolf was overdue a break and it took some weight off his shoulders, Flash liked to see it as his Christmas present to him. It scared him a little, the small vampire gripping onto his clipboard as he thought about all the responsibility that was now on his shoulders, all the things that could potentially go wrong, all the eyes on him, watching his every move… he took a long breath out, cooling his nerv
:iconcommander5am:Commander5AM 0 2
Kill Switch
Medbay was always quiet at night, especially now that the ship had been upgraded with more security protocols. The quiet beeping and humming of machines was soundproofed into a nice little back room in a corner of the medical facility, it had once served as storage but now it had been retrofitted for this such occasion.
Syndrome signed quietly as he lay on the berth in this particular room. He felt drained, exhausted, but that was expected since he had not only worked tirelessly to finish the new shields but also to finish another project, one he'd been meaning to do for a long time. A machine next to him beeped, making him look over as he typed on it and inserted another wire into his helm to join the small party already present.
The machines screen was reflected on a mirror fixed on the opposite side of the room, the light bouncing off the surface, helping the single dull strip light illuminate the room. Black servos typed quietly as he set up the system, wings flicking on his back a
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It's been seven years... kinda. by Commander5AM It's been seven years... kinda. :iconcommander5am:Commander5AM 1 2
Being a balance keeper with… quirks, I never did believe in karma. Karma was a thing humans used as a false hope that something bad would eventually happen to a bad person and that if you did enough good things, good things would come to you eventually. However, being the one who keeps both positive and negative energy in balance I know that bad things happen when Syndrome is sick and Raven is having… that… time of the month, whereas good things happen when Raven is at her weakest point energy wise and Syndrome is thriving, normally around the Christmas period...
Though with how things are right now, I am starting to wonder about the concept of karma... There is no way to prove nor disprove its existence. Karma could just be the word humans use to explain these energy surges, though with the way a lot of them throw the word around you would soon assume it was the name of a higher being... I guess in a way I am the living karma system... balance keeper sounds better.
:iconcommander5am:Commander5AM 1 4
Flamekin Origins - Firestorm POV
Fire. That is my first memory of life, flames and warmth they bring to my kind. As a flamekin, fire is normal as it is what shapes and rules our lives, it melds us and keeps us warm enough to continue existing. The cold is the enemy, the heat is our friend.
It is traditional for newly born flamekin to be placed in a burning crib, after all only impure flamekin can actually be burned by the fire and those rarely survive the birthing process. The mother is also normally taken with the impure flamekin, the small percentage that survive are rendered infertile as consequence. This is how it has been for thousands of years and is the natural process of our kind, man cannot change this outcome easily. A flamekin must be pure to be born, otherwise the body cannot cope with the heat and cold fluctuations.
When I was born I was placed into a burning crib like all the other kindle that had come before me, however I wasn’t taken out for a long time. My mother told me that I was so small and
:iconcommander5am:Commander5AM 1 2
Andradite City - A City of Crystals
The crystal city of Andradite is a difficult place to find, in fact it is almost impossible to locate. Some say the city is a myth, a story told through hushed whispers and childrens tales. There is no evidence such a place exists any any "proof" ever brought forward is dismissed almost instantly as fraudulent.
However, the rumors are true. In the crystal caverns, if you are lucky enough to hear the harmony echoing throughout, a melody is played that holds the key to discovering the empire. It resides deep in the caves, under layers of catacombs made of jewels and gems, guarded by the vicious shadow creatures that lurk in the darkness, striking their prey when they look away, their piercing screams merely another layer in the melody that echos in the numerous layers. The air thins the further down you go, making any explorer who is brave enough to even see if the place is there think twice before they head off on their journey. Gravity gets heavy, making it difficult for even the
:iconcommander5am:Commander5AM 1 15
This realm… this void that I find myself in quite often...

It is a very strange place. Time does not flow here, allowing me to meditate for hours, days or even weeks without a single moment passing. I created this space to get some peace… originally I only came here once or twice a month, however over these last few weeks I have found myself coming here quite often….

The gentle hum of the orbs around me combined with the chimes and gentle ticking from the dimension create a peaceful melody that could quell the anger of even the most powerful beast. It is here I find myself once again, delving deep to not find my balance, but to find answers. Something is wrong, or about to go wrong and I want to know what so I can prepare…

But no matter how hard I try, no matter how close I get to the answer it always evades me… I can feel that something big is going to shift yet I cannot grasp what it is. Is it the war?
:iconcommander5am:Commander5AM 1 12
Minamicon 21, Five Nights at Freddys Group by Commander5AM Minamicon 21, Five Nights at Freddys Group :iconcommander5am:Commander5AM 4 6 FNAF Freddy Text by Commander5AM FNAF Freddy Text :iconcommander5am:Commander5AM 3 0 FNAF Bonnie Cosplay by Commander5AM FNAF Bonnie Cosplay :iconcommander5am:Commander5AM 2 1
Night One - Bonnies POV
100% Power and I chill on the stage, I’m not bothered by the fact you’re new. The way you play is all that I care about, can you keep up with my sudden speeds?
78% Power and I am out of here, try to keep up with your panicked camera flicking. Chica has yet to grace you with movement and Freddy won’t be interested in you yet, so it’s just me you need to keep an eye on for now. I used to enjoy walking through these halls, hearing the kids laugh and cheer when I entered.
59% Power and I’m getting closer, I know where you are it is no secret. The light flickers above my head in this dank and dingy corridor, my shadow casting in the cracked tiles below as I approach.
43% Power and I can see your door, I can hear you behind the sealed metal. Did I scare you? Was I getting too close? Are you looking for Chica, or the ‘duck’ as you keep calling her? She is a chicken and gets very upset when people call her a duck…
31% Power and I’m back in
:iconcommander5am:Commander5AM 3 2
Night One - Freddys POV
100% Power, I sit in silence, waiting. I check occasionally, just a simple glance over at the camera, past the purple bunny I call my friend. You do not see the movement, for by the time you look, at 98% power, I am back in my original position, singing to the empty audience.
78% Power you scroll casually through the cameras, keeping an eye on my friends who have decided to move. I do not bother, you are of no concern to me. It is just your first night, you still need to learn.
59% Power you’re being careless now. Bonnie is close and he has you afraid, so afraid that you have sealed yourself in. Power is draining quickly, you have a decision to make. Chica to your right, Bonnie to your left, which door do you open?
43% Power I glance over again, now things are getting interesting. Under 50% and it is only 4am? I hear your whimpers from the stage, yet I do not move. Foxy is getting antsy, perhaps you shouldn’t keep checking on him.
31% Power and now Foxy is annoyed, he is lo
:iconcommander5am:Commander5AM 3 3
Decepticon Block Tango
Shot! Mix! Crush! Na uh, Prime, Megatron...
Shot! Mix! Crush! Na uh, Prime, Megatron...
Shot! Mix! Crush! Na uh, Prime, Megatron...
They had it coming, they had it coming
They only had themselves to blame!
If you had been there, if you had seen us!
We obviously would've done the same!
Shot! Mix! Crush! Na uh, Prime, Megatron!
Barricade: Y'know how some mechs have these annoying jobs
that rile you up? Like Hound!
Hound liked to create holos, like of mechs being shot!
So I'm on the field one day
And I'm really angry
and looking for a mech to smash up.
And theres Hound
Behind the front line, using his illusions to confuse
illusions of his team mates being shot!
So, I made my way over and said
"Use your holograms one more time..." and he did...
So I balled up my armoured fist
And I smashed two warning hits, into his helm!
He had it comin'! He had it comin'!
He only had himself to blame!
If you had been there, if you had seen it!
I betcha you would'a done the same!
Knockout: I met Ratchet b
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Sparkling Days Part 14
“Ok Firestorm take it slow”
Prowl turned and walked a few steps away from the shaky mechling, turning back and slowly kneeling down with his arms out. Firestorm squeaked, still gripping onto the bottom of the berth as he looked at the distance between them, rotors trembling as he looked up at the SIC then back to his open servos.
“It’s alright, I’m right here.”
“B-but yew so far away pwotector I-I…”
“I’m not too far away, see?”
The little red mech squeaked again when the Datsun leant forward a little, servo stroking his helm before he pulled it back again and smiled softly. Nodding a little, Firestorm took a small intake out before he shifted his shaky legs, slowly taking a step. As he progressed, he let go of the berth and concentrated on the black and white mech in front of him, Prowls smile widening as he watched the child unsteadily walk on his own towards him.
“That’s it,
:iconcommander5am:Commander5AM 1 0
Humphrey the bear cat. by Commander5AM Humphrey the bear cat. :iconcommander5am:Commander5AM 2 0
Random crap in my gallery. Here you'll find all my writing, crap doodles, coloured lineart that I don't own [but ask permission to colour in before I do so!] and photography. Enjoy!

Random Favourites

rescued sparkling Mute by TransFanaticClub rescued sparkling Mute :icontransfanaticclub:TransFanaticClub 5 3 rescued sparkling Lightning by TransFanaticClub rescued sparkling Lightning :icontransfanaticclub:TransFanaticClub 3 1 Rescued sparkling's twins by TransFanaticClub Rescued sparkling's twins :icontransfanaticclub:TransFanaticClub 0 10 rescued sparkling Steve by TransFanaticClub rescued sparkling Steve :icontransfanaticclub:TransFanaticClub 6 3 rescued sparkling Angel by TransFanaticClub rescued sparkling Angel :icontransfanaticclub:TransFanaticClub 5 3 rescued sparkling Speedster by TransFanaticClub rescued sparkling Speedster :icontransfanaticclub:TransFanaticClub 3 1 rescued sparkling Smidsy by TransFanaticClub rescued sparkling Smidsy :icontransfanaticclub:TransFanaticClub 5 11 Baby pics Syndrome by TransFanaticClub Baby pics Syndrome :icontransfanaticclub:TransFanaticClub 3 3 Mah sparkling Ace XD by TransFanaticClub Mah sparkling Ace XD :icontransfanaticclub:TransFanaticClub 3 24 Freestyle - Highly Original by ajremix Freestyle - Highly Original :iconajremix:ajremix 216 78
New Awakening Prompts
I suggest reading author comments first if you want this to make sense...
A soft “aww” from Fireflight made Silverbolt glance over and smile faintly. It was rather cute to see their sleeping Keeper curled up like a cat in the offline Harrier’s arms.
Even without seeing them, one always knew where their Keeper was. So why was it so irritating to be apart?
Jacolynn could tell if a jet was friend, foe neutral or other by just listening to the engines. She could even tell individual aircraft apart from the sound. Which lead to some interesting revelations. “Okay, either that pilot is drunk, likes this particular mountain, or he thinks giant freaking robots are interesting…”
Kitsune let out a sigh of relief and reached over to hug her Guardian.
No matter how hard they tried, no one could get Sam and Tracks to admit how close they were… At least till Aron got a picture of them hugging.
Slingshot didn’t like being “sap
:icontoaveka:ToaVeka 6 36
Kitty Jazz by GoreChick Kitty Jazz :icongorechick:GoreChick 454 99 Autobot Invader - TF Mag 2 by REX-203 Autobot Invader - TF Mag 2 :iconrex-203:REX-203 263 75 Guitar-Emote-Hero revamp by CookiemagiK Guitar-Emote-Hero revamp :iconcookiemagik:CookiemagiK 95,923 13,295 Mitsubishi Lancer 2008 by Lizkay Mitsubishi Lancer 2008 :iconlizkay:Lizkay 251 96 Nothin' to do but DANCE by xPenguinxPuffx Nothin' to do but DANCE :iconxpenguinxpuffx:xPenguinxPuffx 251 56



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> Created by the Decepticons to infiltrate the Autobot HQ and gather information, but escaped before programming over her free will was complete.
> Normally goes by the name of Sam, a shorter version of Commander 5AM.
> Is a Raichu in her spare time.
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Current Residence: Warzone Mangold, Warzone Latitude became to expensive and Warzone Aileen fell apart, pretty much literally.
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I'm not going to start writing this one out via play by play like I did with my Wonderlocke (I stopped that because I was getting bored of writing it up, I had to keep stopping to write everything up and I just wanted to keep playing), so instead I thought I'd just write out my made up rules for this little challenge I'm doing in case anyone wants to try it.

Pretty much there aren't many rules and I'm keeping them pretty lax since I want to enjoy myself and not keep stressing out over if I'm breaking my own rules. Edit them how you wish to make your own challenge.

If you would like to send me an egg or two for this challenge I would greatly appreciate it! The only rules for eggs are you cannot tell me what you are breeding and no starters. Just please note that if I have used it in a team in the past before I am less likely to use it this time around, though it will stay with me as backup.

> Typical Nuzlocke fainting rule applies, though I'm doing it on a 3 strike basis because I can't help if my level 1 gets hit with a pursuit on its way out.

> Any Pokemon you catch in the wild must be either Wondertraded or traded for a random egg with another trainer. You can catch up to 3 Pokemon per route (5 on longer routes), they cannot be doubles and you can re-encounter as many times as you want.

> You can only Wondertrade encountered Pokemon or trade them for eggs. You cannot trade a Wondertraded Pokemon for another Pokemon, however you can trade a Wondertraded Pokemon for an egg. You can ONLY trade with a friend for an egg.

Example of what is allowed - Catch a Voltorb, Wondertrade Voltorb and get Zubat. Trade Zubat with a friend for an egg.
Example of what isn't allowed - Catch a Voltorb, Wondertrade Voltorb and get Zubat. Trade Zubat for a Geodude.

> You must have at least 1 of each in your team, one Wondertraded and one hatched from an Egg. You can have as many of either as you want so long as you have at least 1 of each.

> Shiny Pokemon are exempt to all rules in my run, this includes shinies obtained by Wondertrade.

> Pokemon / Eggs given to the player by NPCs are treated like route encounter Pokemon. The eggs must be hatched, then either traded for another egg or Wondertraded. The only exception to this is the Contest Pikachu if you want to do contest stuff.

> If you aren't going to catch a Pokemon on a route as one of your encounters you have to faint it, you can't run. Once you have done all of your encounters however, then you can run all you want.

> No repels except in the caves or ocean. I'm not THAT much of a monster.

I probably have some more rules down or some of these might just repeat themselves, but I'm too lazy to think of them XD I just wanna get back to the game!

Edit: Just remembered some more of the rules!

> Self Rule: Cannot use Pokemon I've used before. So no Metagross ;w;

> You cannot have 2 of the same Pokemon or 2 of the same type. In regards to duel type Pokemon, their first type counts as their type. So for example, you can have a Fire type and a Dark / Fire type because the duel type is primarily Dark, however you can't have a Fighting type and a Fighting / Dark type because the duel type is primarily Fighting. You are free to decide on if you want to keep the spare in the PC in case of a faint or Wondertrade / Trade it for an egg.

> You are allowed a HMSlave, however it is not allowed to participate in battle.


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neko-frisk6 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017  Student Artist
HBD to youI am a dummy! 
Commander5AM Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017
Thanks ^-^
doomiscool Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
SAAAAMMMMM!!!! Thanks for the llama that reminded me I hadn't spoken to you yet :D Can't wait to get to see you soon! So close now! :chairdance: 

Sadly, no cosplays for me and my sis this year, but heh, still very much fun to be had!
Commander5AM Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2016
Heh, it's ok XD Also yus you've been very quiet on the homefront! Granted so have I but I've been doing a lot of cosplay stuff and generally trying to tidy up my room because girlfriend coming over in May >->

Awwah, thats ok it'll be one of the first times I see you out of costume first XD I have two new ones and I'm also bringing back the bun for a photoshoot, not 100% looking forward to that because of how long it takes me to get the makeup off but ah, the things we do for cosplay! I got Ninja Brian for the kimono group and Alphys from Undertale, I just finished making my second Mettaton thing for that one XD

YEAH NOT LONG NOW OMG I'M NOT DONE I'M GONNA CRY. We should actually try and do some sort of meetup this time instead of just randomly bumping into one another XD Also don't forget new ep of Transformers RID today!
doomiscool Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
This year, we are in London for a couple days prior, so we'll probably be down in Southampton fairly early afternoon on the Friday, then leaving on the Monday as usual, so we'll defo have our usual sunday night haha. :giggle: I'm planning on doing the iron artist again, and I know you do that too, so haha, we'll do that :D

I knew there was going to be some Undertale cosplays! That was one of the things on my list of things I bet we were gonna see Sans Icon 

Hummmm...I was waiting for the schedule (which will probs be out next week sometime) so I know what we'll wanna do, but we can always go for lunch/dinner/whatever at some point, and hopefully attend panels together haha ;)
Commander5AM Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2016
I head down on the Thursday and head home on the Monday X) So I'll be about! Just poke me or something X) And I'm sure I will be at the iron artist again, can't draw for shit but I go with my friend anyway!

Yeah there will be Undertalers XD I know I'm doing Alphys, my friend is doing Sans, there has been another Sans confirmed, a Toriel and I think an Undyne? Not sure who else X) So you can cross that one off your Minamicon Bingo sheet! I'm gonna be freezing since most of my Alphys cosplay is basically PJs XD

The schedule normally comes out a few days before, let alone a week XD Normally when I'm at the point where I no longer have access to the internet so I can't plan my stuff until Friday! Food time sounds good though X) I'm always down for food!
doomiscool Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
Happy New Year Sam :D Hope you had a lovely holiday season :iconknockoutlaplz:
Commander5AM Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2016
Hewwo, bit late but Happy New Year XD It was also, spent most of it travelling (travelled to my sisters the day before Christmas Eve, travelled home Christmas Day and have spent every day since travelling back and forth from a lady I'm catsittings house) so meh, but at least I've also had a bit of time to myself too. How was yours?
doomiscool Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
No problem :) Mine was fine. Christmas was fun, though, a little less eventful than some times, with quite a few less presents :P Doesn't bother me as I prefer not being given crap I won't use/don't want.

For New Years, I had some of my favourite sake with my sister and was actually okay enough to watch the fireworks on tv with the others this year (first time in 2 years! I've been having to cover my head with a pillow when I wasn't stable enough). Gonna go back to trying to lose weight this coming week haha. Need to control my diet and exercise or boom, still a size 16, but a bit on the flabby side. :L
Commander5AM Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2016
Oh I know that feel, I got a hot water bottle for Christmas this year. I will never use it, I don't use hot water bottles I have my chestnut kitten if I ever need something warmed up (she's a thermal teddy thing that you can microwave for a little bit, has warming bead things in). I know I shouldn't be unappreciative and shit but I'm never going to use it and I'll feel bad if I get rid of it, so now I'm stuck with it sitting around doing nothing. I prefer to get amazon vouchers >->

I watched the fireworks on my computer, I always do XD Too many people there to feel like I want to actually be there, I'd rather be in the warm. Hugged Ping for a lot of it (my family don't really do New Years, mum goes to bed at 9pm and my brother goes out) and just chilled with my last J2O. I'd like to diet, but I'm at the point where I've got so much wrong with me I don't know where to start.
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